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TCKid: A Home for Third Culture Kids of all ages

Building Cross Cultural Bridges

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If you are looking for a public charity that serves a population close your heart, please consider supporting TCKid

With a history of having played an important role in thousands of Third Culture Kids’ (TCKs) and Cross Culture Kids’ (CCKs) journeys of discovering a deeper part of their idenity, TCKid has come to evolve to address the question of “I know that I am a TCK now and am ready to move on, now what?”

TCKid has developed some programs that require the support of dedicated individuals who would like to see a public charity dedicated to helping and empowering third culture kids and cross cultural kids.  TCKid accomplishes this by creating more understanding and opportunities to have representation and presence in various areas of society.  Now with 501(c)(3) public charity status, it can apply for grant funding but grants are not sufficient to cover all expenses.  This also means that donations to TCKid are considered tax-deductible by any government entity that acknowledges this US IRS tax public charity status.

TCKid cannot continue to maintain and grow its services in a vacuum.  The social networking platform where many TCK’s and CCK’s still meet and discuss things is not free yet we have continued to offer it for free for everyone.  It has been maintained by a small group of people who have been supportive of TCKid and the volunteer hours of mainly two dedicated women who also play important roles as individuals in global causes as well as their own family commitments.

In order to move beyond something that has been extremely helpful for the initial journey of discovery to “now what?”, TCKid needs your support.  Please see TCKid’s core programs we have been developing that cannot come to full fruition or grow without support.

If you are looking for a public charity that is closer to your heart that you know not everyone yet understands, please consider supporting TCKid regularly with a gift of at least $8 a month, less than what many people spend on coffee in a week and about the same as basic membership for an online TV and film media streaming service… except that it will help maintain a safe place for  TCK’s and CCK’s to find connection amongst one another.

A gift of at least $24 a month will help to achieve more… it will help researchers often told that TCK’s and CCK’s are not a valid population of study and will help TCK’s and CCK’s connect to opportunities to apply their unique skills.

A one-time gift of at least $150 and corporate sponsorship with a package that will allow you to share opportunities for TCK’s to get involved will contribute to our efforts to update and redesign our webpage to accommodate for the next phase of TCKid.


Yet any amount helps us stay online and enter the new horizons that will benefit researchers, the general public and TCK’s and CCK’s ready for what’s next.

Thank you for your consideration!!

All gifts and donations to TCKid are considered tax-deductible for US donors or individuals donating from US income.   

For information about how international donations to US 501(c)(3) public charities may be treated, please refer the following external resources, which TCKid only offers as information.  TCKid advises that each donor with questions consult a tax lawyer or professional:

About tax deductibility of donation from countries outside the United States  (an example)

About cross-border donations from Canada 

International Charitable Giving and Planning Under US Tax Law


Click the “donate” button to make a donation through PayPal.  It may be a one-time donation or recurring.:



You will receive a donation receipt for the total amount after the year ends.


For  more information about donations, giving, in-kind support or corporate sponsorships and partnerships, please contact


Written by Myra Dumapias

April 18, 2014 at 6:19 pm