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TCKID Team 2010

Paul Trigg
Community Manager

Grew up in Nigeria until the age of 14. Now living in the UK.
I like reading, writing poetry, photography, painting & drawing, DIY to a professional level, playing guitar and working with children. I am a practical person and like to get involved.

Erin Sinogba
TCKID Advisor and Admin

I am a Filipino citizen who has grown up in South Korea, Grenada, the Philippines, and attended college in the U.S. I received my degree in Anthropology and Global Development Studies from Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa, U.S.A. I am currently working as a Research Associate for a public health NGO in Makati City, Philippines. I love to travel, study and read about world issues, write, and sing.

Daniel Suh (UT Arlington)
Local Group Coordinator

Ben Adams

Maira Bay De Souza

Brice Royer
Community Manager

Community Leaders

Teresa Aradhana Hinds – (New York City)
Lily Friend-Grover (Colorado Springs, CO)
Narges Bayat (Sweden)
Lily Friend-Grover (Colorado Springs, CO)
Colorado TCKID Community Leader
Isaac Ring (Colorado Springs, CO)
Colorado TCKID Community Volunteer
Michelle Kim (Illinois)

Dr. Paulette Martinez Bethel
Advisor and Global Executive Coach, specializing in Cross-Culturalism and Relationships

Paulette is the co-founder of TCK Academy. She builds ongoing relationships with TCKs around the world and at the Academy, through her teaching, writing, speaking and workshops.

Founder of Global LifeWorks/Brighter Pathway International, PLLC. Paulette is a licensed marriage and family therapist, mediator and transition coach. She is a retired USAF Officer, and the mother of four TCKs. A doctoral candidate in International Education and Entrepreneurship, Her doctoral research explores the dynamics and impacts of highly mobile international lifestyle. Paulette conducts workshops on multiculturalism and diversity, counseling ethics, transition, and relationship issues.

Ruth Van Reken

Ruth advises the vision of the TCKID community and is a speaker and at the TCK Academy’s Teleclasses. She builds ongoing relationships with TCKs around the world through her teaching, writing, speaking and workshops.

Ruth is the co-founder of Families in Global Transition, and co-author of Third Culture Kids: The Experience of Growing Up Amoung Worlds and author of Letters Never Sent, a chapter in Strangers at Home. For the last twenty years, Ruth has been helping fellow ATCKs, parents, human resource people, educators, and other caregivers deal with issues related to global family lifestyles.

Lily Friend-Grover
Colorado Community Leader

Lily is responsible for building ongoing relationships with TCKs in the Colorado community. She recruits members to join a local group, creates monthly meetups, and works with members to organize and promote special community events She currently works full-time for the State of Colorado and part-time as a business owner and Spanish instructor. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Education from Eastern Washington University, volunteered as co-leader of an active young adult group while in college, and has taught all ages of learners for several years.

TCKID Team 2009

Daniela Tudor
Community Manager
Radio Interview for TCKid

Forum Moderators & Officers of TCKID 2007-2008

Ayako Nakamura

Forum Administrator

A forum moderator is someone granted special powers to enforce the rules of an Internet forum, enforces the guidelines where necessary, helps new members feel welcome, and answer forum-related questions.

Ayako has a B.A. in sociology from the International Christian University and has used her background in sociology and bilingual/multicultural skills in various fields including television and commercial productions, global advertising agencies such as Grey Advertising, Bates and Dentsu Wunderman Cato Johnson. After a brief stint with a HeadlightVision, a brand consultancy in London, she retired to her dream home in Costa del Sol and lives there.

In her spare time she helps her friends at Barfutura a multicultural design consultancy in Madrid and does academic translations for institutions such as the University of Tokyo, Keio University and the Johnson Space Center.

Daniel Nguyen-Phuoc
Forum Moderator/Co-Founder of Blog/Columnist of Ask Uncle
How to describe Dan? A thinker, a political writer, a great cook, with a great taste in house music. A European TCK at heart who loves meeting new people, Dan embodies the true meaning of what it means to live a well-rounded and balanced life: Work hard and play hard. When I first approached Dan in October 2007, I noticed his talent in writing and proposed to hire him as a writer for a small TCK writing/website book project, which eventually evolved into a contest and became the first version of the TCKID blog. Dan volunteered and became an editor of the blog, and contributed with his column called: “Ask Uncle!” from 2007-2008. He is currently a political columnist and writer at the Examiner.

Laura Ahlgren
Editor & Moderator
Laura is currently in university in the US, studying Life Sciences Communication with a concentration in Marketing (read: Science Marketing). She also has a background teaching languages to children through the Concordia Language Villages programs as well as individual ESL teaching in China, where she just spent a semester studying Chinese.

As for her “where she’s from” answer: She was born in Finland, moved to Germany when she was 1 year old, then moved to the US when she was 2 years old and has been there ever since. However, she has spent nearly every summer of her childhood in Finland, including a year there in high school on an “exchange.”


A forum moderator is someone granted special powers to enforce the rules of an Internet forum, enforces the guidelines where necessary, helps new members feel welcome, and answer forum-related questions.

Cynthia Yang

Cynthia, or affectionately known as “Panda”, loves to befriend TCKs especially if it includes eating exotic food together while listening to Jazz music! An engineer by trade, putting the ‘g’ into diligent and ‘f’ into friend, she was so technically detailed, that it made us clean our code and sharpen our act. She has a big heart for people who are different, and wants to offer them a place where they can be themselves and have friends they can actually connect with. She joined as a moderator in 2008, helped new members feel welcomed, ran the Postcard Project and translated the TCK definition in Mandarin. Cynthia is now connecting with TCKs in CT, U.S and working towards getting an MBA to continue making a difference in the world.

Kristine Vasquez
Kristine was the youngest one in the community and worked hard to help TCK teens. She was also was a regular blogger, a talented photographer, making a point to highlight points of multicultural interest, and the funny things that Canadians do.

Warona Setshwaelo
Isabelle Roe
Caitlin Allen

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